What Are The Pulp Tableware?

Now more and more environmentally friendly tableware, straw pulp tableware, sugar cane pulp tableware, straw pulp tableware, bamboo pulp tableware, and even kraft paper soup buckets, etc. In the environment of environmental protection tableware and the big market, many customers do not know To distinguish these products, the following Biodegradable Paper Cup Supplier will briefly introduce you!

 Pulp tableware is a tableware made by using vacuum molds to mold and dry the pulp, and then further processed. It can replace metal and plastic for residents. With the increasing awareness of human environmental protection, Chinese citizens’ demand for environmentally friendly products is also increasing, and pulp meals with advantages such as health and environmental protection have been sought after by the market.

 Speaking of the most common straw pulp tableware on the market, crop straws are used as raw materials. The products produced have more impurities in appearance and lighter brown color.

Sugarcane pulp tableware, most loved by foreign customers, uses bagasse as raw material. There are two kinds of meals produced, one is white, and the other is sugarcane pulp color, that is, brown. The appearance of the product is not strong, such as Ecofriendly Bagasse Pulp Tray.

 Bamboo pulp tableware, the most expensive tableware in the market, uses natural bamboo pulp as the raw material. The product quality is leading in the industry, the appearance is stylish and simple, the color is brown, and the product is strong.

 Kraft paper soup bucket, the most popular tableware on the market. The product uses kraft paper as the raw material, with built-in coating. The product series are mostly soup bucket series, which has good sealing.


Post time: Jun-02-2020